Company Profile

  ACO Pharm Co., LTD is a research-based manufacturer and world-wide supplier of various novel advanced intermediates for drug discovery and new Benzoxazine Resin for new material. We have a good working experience in the Chemistry industry. Our company mainly produces Benzoxazine Resin and intermediates using for the new material industry and pharmaceuticals industry.

     Most of our catalog products are available in sizes from gram-scale to semi-bulk quantity. We can deliver them from 3-5 days domestically and 3-7 days internationally for the in stock items. Product quality is of paramount importance. We offer customers the highest quality and the purity in our fine chemicals.

Our services:

  • Research and development of new processes for the manufacture of Benzoxazine Resin ,pharmaceutical intermediates, Special catalyst(Pd/C, Pt/C, Ni/SiO2)
  • Manufacture of Benzoxazine Resin for the new material industry
  • Carbon fiber reinforced Benzoxazine resins composites
  • Customer chemical synthesis and contract research services to the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries.
  • Benzoxazine Resin Technology


We can make various organic chemicals from the kilogram to tons scale at competitive price.

Specialty reaction Capacity for larger scale:

  • High pressure Hydrogenation reaction (12MPa 100Litre,10MPa 1000 and 2000 Litre)
  • Polymerization for Benzoxazine Resin
  • Continuous production Grignard Reaction


ACO Pharm Co., LTD is your trusted partner! Please feel free to contact us if you have any chemistry needs.